Sherpa House

Sherpa House . Golden

This is one of my new favorite places in Denver (Golden actually) thanks to some good friends taking me there recently. Amazing Tibetan food (like Indian food but more mountainous, which includes “yak stew.” Great priced weekend buffet, beautiful dining area and patio. AND… it’s a cultural center! The only negative is that your clothes…

Perhaps the Berlin Wall

A friend of mine told me that they sell pieces of the Berlin Wall, in Berlin. I ambled into a gift shop at the Checkpoint Charlie museum, the most touristy of tourist spots complete with a McDonald’s across the street and a Starbucks two blocks away. I found the perfect collection of Berlin Wall stones…

Delta Air Lines Five Fares

One reason for all of these different fare types: So that the bare bones fare will appear on the search sites, undercutting the rest, and the fees are added on when completing the reservation. CNN: Delta Announces Five-Tiered Seating Plan