Girdwood . Alaska

We left Seward and returned north on the Seward highway. Two hours later we arrived at Girdwood, a small ski town tucked into the mountains about 40 miles southeast of Anchorage. On the way there we stopped for a short hike, during which this bald eagle kept an intent eye on us.


Girdwood is nestled in these mountains, at the eastern end of the Turnagain Arm.

At Girdwood we found a cozy hostel to spend the night. The hostel was quiet, filled with books and games, and extremely quiet and relaxing.


I went skiing for the day at Alyeska Resort, and although much smaller than the ski areas I’m used to in Colorado, the north side of the mountain had some steep runs, and I watched nearby helicopters ferry heliskiers to another nearby mountain.

After some burgers and beers in Girdwood and spent another night in the hostel, and the next morning set our for our last drive back to Anchorage. Eagle picture courtesy of the roadide restaurant / conference center something or other. Back in Anchorage we walked around the unimpressive 5th Avenue Mall in search of souvenirs. We found a nice photo album among the usual fair, and wandered around the 60s era oppressive boxy shopping mall for the afternoon. Our last meal was at the Hogg Brothers restaurant on Northern Lights Boulevard, where we enjoyed steaks amid a pig / motorcycle decor. It sounds cheesy, but it was a fun place to spend the last few hours before our midnight flight.

While I didn’t see the Northern Lights, the experience and people we met were unforgettable, and with only a fraction of the state explored, I have many reasons to return to the great white north!

The Turnagain Arm

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