Cafe Kabah . Valladolid

Well it’s July so you’re probably not heading to the hot and muggy Yucatan anytime soon, should should you be tooling around the peninsula be sure to spend some time in Valladolid. This was my favorite small/medium town that I visited. It’s in the center of the Yucatan Peninsula, right between Cancun and Merida.

We found a place to unwind at the Kabah Cafe, on the southeast corner of the Zocalo. On the second floor above a pharmacy the Kabah has excellent lattes, sandwiches, and desserts. Comfortable couches or a seat by the window make this a great place for sitting above the corner people watching.

There’s plenty of board games for passing the time, and friendly faces to strike up a conversation with.

2 thoughts on “Cafe Kabah . Valladolid

  1. Thanks a lot for your words about my place. I am the owner. i am unhapy because i close it, but a did open an other cafe. the name is ” el atrio” and now we are behind the cathedral, in the corner. i like that you come again to taste our food and drinks.
    realy i am so proud for your comments. again thanks.
    best regards.
    Guillermo Rivera Flores

  2. Thanks Guillermo for finding my post. Sorry to hear you’re no longer there, but your new location shouldn’t be hard to find as the cathedral is the most prominent building on the zocalo!

    I’ll definitely visit when travels bring me back to the Yucatan, and I encourage others to visit Valladolid, and enjoy your coffee and desserts as well.

    Que le vaya bien! James…

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