Snow Day

Every few years the city gets a massive stalled storm of heavy wet snow that completely cripples the city and shuts down the airport, highways, roads, and traps people in their homes with small mountains of snow everywhere.

Provided you can get home from work and not have to pass the night in a nearby hotel the day can be an interesting and enjoyable diversion from the normal week.  (As long as your roof doesn’t collapse from the snow and you don’t sprain your back from shoveling).

Wandering down the middle of a street void of cars has an abandoned refugee camp feel.  It’s fun to chat with people and a good way to meet your neighbors.  It will be a pain in the ass to dig out the house and catch up on all my work this weekend, but having an unexpected “snow disaster day” is a great surprise for people of all ages.  At the diner this morning I’ve heard no reports of major damage of cannibalism or shovel theft. So far it’s been a great day.

And of course another excellent reason for supporting the small businesses in your area:  While the chain restaurants and big stores are closed the hardware store, coffee shop, market, and restaurant around the corner are all open today.  They recognized even with limited service people appreciate the service.  And living in a place where we can trudge through the snow to visit them is a great way to cure cabin fever.

The below pics are from the past two days, which really involve nothing more than successfully commuting home at 2pm, drinking and watching the snow pile up foot after foot, and enjoying breakfast today a few blocks from home at Chef Zorbas, which despite operating with one chef and server were a welcome sign to all this morning.

My work at 2pm.  Cars buried under the snow.


Trains and busses were operating ok until about 4pm.  Taking the train from Belleview to downtown was actually extremely fast.  I managed to catch a bus home at 2:30 before they stopped running.

Arriving home, back door.  Just an excuse to show off my self-installed wood flooring.

11th Avenue.  Walking to the small market around the corner, 4pm.

“Oh FK it”  Parking job.  Close enough to home for someone.

Back patio, 4:30pm

This morning, 10am, neighbors’ houses.

Pappa’s Grocery and Chef Zorbas.

Walking back home. 12th Avenue.

Is that a black Saturn Ion that failed to make it the remaining two blocks home?

4pm.  Finally an hour of blue sky and sun before dark.  To these residents:  Be wary of falling snow…

Last project of the day: digging the car out from a nearby parking lot.

7 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Please- go have a feta cheese omelet for me- it sounds really good at this moment. More of the world outside than I have seen since this thing started!

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing those – I can’t believe how much snow you got (and how beautiful it is). Here’s to a white Christmas! 🙂
    Love Ellen and Genti

  3. Wow-what a white Christmas! Thank goodness you weren’t at the airport!

    Maybe you need a snowblower for next Chrismtas!


  4. That is some X-mas! It must have been FREEZING! I could’ve never lasted in a city covered in ice like that.

    Court- 😛

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