Google MyMaps

Now this is pretty damn cool:  With Google My Maps you can create an interactive tour of your choosing, with “stops” for your photos and videos along the way.

Here’s an oral history of route 66 with interviews and videos along the way.  I’m going to create on of my neighhorhood in Denver with my regular haunts.  A stalkers delight!

PCWorld Article

Google’s My Maps was released today and is a tool aimed at non-techies empowering them to create Google Maps mashups. Until today, customizing Google maps has been the exclusive domain of experienced software developers. Here is a link to PC World’s news story about Google’s My Maps announcement.

You can browse maps that have already been created, or you can dive in and create your own like I did. Check out Google’s example of a map it created to demonstrate the power of My Maps. One is called America’s Highway: Oral Histories of Route 66 and here is another map titled 2004 Presidential Election that illustrates how My Maps can do more than provide guided tours.

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