Sustainable Travel International

In addition to Red Dog’s theme below, Green is also the theme of April’s Outside Magazine.  In addition to all things eco-friendly they feature interviews with Eddie Veder, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and a host of other people and products devoted to a better environment.  Some of it’s obvious fluff, but if you examine it in detail there’s some good companies and info.   Now you can sit at an eco-friendly hut on an eco-friendly beach wearing your new eco-friendly white briefs.

One local company highlighted is Boulder based Sustainable Travel International.  STI is a clearinghouse and directory for all earth friendly travel from air travel, eco-resorts, activities, and lodging.  Their directory contains hundreds of companies – each with an “eco-certification” noting their sustainability policies and social and cultural impacts.

Searching by company and location will net you a wealth of potential activities from all parts of the world.  Worth checking out.

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