Swift’s Steak House

Swift’s Steak House is an inexpensive diner in the center of my favorite stretch of South Broadway.  Depending on your perspective it’s spartan or minimalistic, (the chairs could be found in a church basement,) but the food and staff make the place what it is.  It’s the perfect place to grab a hearty lunch while visiting the neighboring used bookstores, thrift stores, or getting tattooed or pierced.

Their food is diner fare but far more substantial than the quickly thrown together burger or runny eggs.  They focus on well prepared burgers and steaks, hence the name.  They have a full breakfast menu and offer daily specials.  Staff is friendly and attentive, and their prices are below what you’d expect.

Swift’s reminds me a lot of Bill’s Diner, a working class gathering spot in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.   Swift’s Steak House is at 8 South Broadway at South Broadway and Ellsworth.

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