Pension u Kaplièky

Arriving by train in the old town of Cesky Krumlov we took a taxi to the town center, about three miles, and hunted around for a place to spend the next two days.  We hadn’t made any reservations as we knew the town was full of pensions, or the European equivalent of a U.S. bed and breakfast.

We started in the main square but found it busy and crowded, so we walked through some alleys until we crossed the river.  We knocked on the door of the Pension u Kaplièky, but received no response.  We continued walking around a corner and up a hill, but realized we were about a mile from the city by then.  We returned and passed the u Kaplièky once more, admiring its big back yard adjacent to the river.  We found the “real” door and met a nice woman, her husband, and  their son of about 10 or so. 

Inside of the old church were two beautifully appointed guest suites.  Ours was a room in the front half of the second floor, up a refreshingly cool walkway inside the old stone building. 

The best part of our two days came daily at 8am, when we were brought in a cart of fresh breakfast for us.  Ham and cheese croissants, scrambled eggs, bananas, tea, pancakes with powdered sugar, and pastries.   I’ve never had a breakfast that filling before. 

Unfortunately I didn’t recall our the names of our hosts, but when I find it I’ll post it should anyone want to make a reservation.  They’re wonderful people, and you’ll have an excellent stay. 

Info:  Pension u kaplièky, Linecká 60, Ceský Krumlov 381 01, Telephone: +420 380 714 123, +420 380 712 844 Mobile phone: +420 606 434 090

Below: An alley near the hotel, and our room.

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