Seeds of Doubt

On my train trip from Munich to Prague I read the book “Seeds of Doubt” by local Denver author Stephanie Kane.   Jackie Flowers is a successful defense attorney who takes in, (yes to her house), a young woman accused of murdering a little boy.   Antics ensue with her friend and detective Pilar while the plot revolves around suspect Rachael, her brother Christopher, and love interest Dennis.

I wasn’t completely thrilled or disapointed with Seeds of Doubt. I found it an average easy read, perfect to follow amid the distractions of the beautiful German countryside.  Funny though how all but one review on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles paint this book as the best prose since Hemingway.  

The part that kept my attention was that the primary scene is literally set in my backyard.  I live in Congress Park, near the soccer fields where the little boy, (in the book), was found dead.  Kane describes the hills, berms, and soccer fields perfectly – and I’m wondering at what point she was parked in my driveway roaming around taking notes.  The “Toody Froody” ice scream shop is obviously Liks on 13th, and she describes other neighborhood characteristics perfectly.  

Here’s something a bit odd:  I went to Stephanie Kane’s website at and found her “reading groups” page.  Turns out that if you’re reading Stephanie’s books for your book club, she wants to BE THERE for the follow up discussion.  

“I enjoy participating in reading group discussions about my books. If you would like me to be a part of your next meeting, please contact me.  Click here to hear from Reading Groups who have invited me to their meetings.”  

I am happy to provide you with Readi Group Guides for any of my books. These guides can be a kick-off point for discussion and questions at your next meeting.

WTF?  This isn’t a book signing – she actually wants to come to your living room while you’re discussing her books.  Do I really need a guide for a paperback mystery fiction book? Does anyone else find that a bit weird?  How can you be critical of a book with the author sitting right there eating your cookies?   Anyway I’m sure she has the best of intentions, and Stephanie if my non-existent book club ever gets around to this one you’re invited.  You know where I live.

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