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My two favorite pictures of the 787 I’ve seen so far.  Anyone else catch the fact the debut was on 07-08-07?  Neither did I.  Like others I believe the 787 will far surpass the Airbus A380 in orders and future use.  When you consider the trend of aviation over the past years the desire for efficient mid size aircraft is obvious.   People don’t want two flights a day from N.Y. to L.A., in which case the A380 would be the perfect “ocean liner” type aircraft.  But they want six or seven flights they can choose from departing every few hours.

The A380 is impressive from a scale POV, and it’s efficient for packing in the “human cargo” on a Sidney – Dubai – London route for example, but for overall passenger comfort and airliner efficiency I don’t see how the 787 can be beat.  As an private pilot, aviation buff, and airplane geek I can’t wait to experience it.  And the cockpit?  Straight out of X-Men 🙂

Time Magazine Article

Optimally, the 787 will get 100 miles per gallon per seat. Air filters will reduce the smell of fuel. Relative humidity will be up to about 15%, from the industry average of about 5%. Cabin pressure will be set for a lower, more comfortable altitude, 6,000 ft. down from 8,000 ft. All interior lights will be LED. Windows will be 10.7 in. by 18.4 in., 60% bigger than the 777 and 80% bigger than the Airbus 330 and A340, and Boeing has ditched window covers for electronic dimming controls. Boeing also promises a smoother ride with less turbulence

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  1. I hadn’t realized the connection between the rollout and the date 7/8/7. I can’t wait until this baby is in the air. I think you are right and that Boeing will clean Airbus’ clock on this one.

    Being the Europhile that I am, it is odd for me not to be fascinated by Airbus, but I find that their designs lack personality. Boeing planes distinctive. From the flattened bottom of the engines on the 737 to the hump on the 747, Boeing knows how to give a plane some personality. The 787 promises to be one sweet ride. Especially if they live up to the claims of better onboard air quality (more humidity) and better cabin pressure (6,000 ft, rather than 8,000 ft).

    And speaking of the 747, I hope they never get rid of it. Easily the most majestic commercial liner out there, and a reminder of the post-deregulation, pre-9/11 glory days of long haul flights.

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