I attended Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo yesterday.  As with every Cirque du Soleil show it was a fascinating blend of gymnastics, costumes, emotion, live music, and humor. I preferred the ethereal and emotional music of Alegria over Corteo, however the gymnastics and athletic feats of Corteo were jaw dropping as always. 

Corteo is the story of a clown imagining his own funeral.  The weight of the theme is balanced out by the beauty of his thoughts, humorous reflections from boyhood to present, and the parade of characters involved.

I also loved the self deprecating humor in which Corteo subtly displays.  Cirque du Soleil knows their shows are seen by some as overly bizarre and abstract.    Corteo’s host references the audience with third wall jokes, and during a scene in which a remote controlled spotlight chases a dancer around they make light of the technical aspect by “losing control” of the robot after it develops a mind of it’s own.

The most favored scene by all was watching a little person float through the arena under six large helium balloons, and gracefully make her way over the audience, enchanting them in the process.  The Epoch Times writes:

The most poignant act was simple. The Giant Clown and a little woman playing a child embraced. Then she flew away under giant white helium balloons. She wafted over the audience, subtly expressing delight, humor, apprehension, exploration. He watched with paternal care. As she sank toward the audience, she indicated she wanted a gentle boost for her feet. Audience members pushed her up and forward as one plays with a single balloon. The vignette seemed to talk about the tensions of parenthood—caring and letting go. It was suspenseful.

Corteo is in Denver until August 5th, then on to Los Angeles and Orange County for the remainder of the year.

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