Pint’s Pub

I never knew this place was here until last week when a co-worker clued me in to the enormous selection of English beers and ales here at Pints Pub.   We tracked it down for dinner Saturday evening and had a great dinner out on the front porch.

Located in a large old house at 13th and Cherokee, (only a few blocks west of the main library and museum), Pint’s Pub offers traditional English food such as Shepard’s Stews and “Wimpys”, as well as fish and chips and vegetarian plates.   It was a light crowd early Saturday afternoon, and I got a chance to check out the British decor scattered about the old house.  (Don’t restaurants in houses just feel more welcoming and cozy?)

My favorite?  The light Airdale Ale.  Visit them and check out the multitude of Whiskeys and Ales available.  One of the largest selections in the city for sure. 

More at  Photos from Classic City  (Check them out too for a detailed list of brewpubs nationwide)

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