Java Creek Again

Back in April I gave Java Creek a plug as my favorite new local coffee shop. I’m running a “post repeat” as I love them so much.

Starbucks is raising their coffee prices again. I’m not a Starbucks hater – I’ll visit them on occasional if straying from my morning routine. But if you live in downtown Denver there’s many many other places to go. Or perhaps you’re still upset that your local Deidrich location at 9th and Downing or 12th and Clayton has now become a greedy Daz Bog? I still am. Go visit Java Creek at 2nd and Columbine. It’s a great place to crank up, or wind down and relax.

Independently owned and operated, they have an excellent selection of coffee, salads, breakfasts, and fresh sandwiches. That’s “FRESH” made sandwiches. Not the kind that are mummified in plastic two days prior and sit in a display case white the mayo and cheese to congeals together. Java Creek has big tables, a sunny sidewalk patio, funky mugs, and a wonderful vibe.

With Starbucks prices rising it’s never been a better time to support your indy coffee shop.

3 thoughts on “Java Creek Again

  1. Hi Mark – yes it’s in the retail district of Cherry Creek North. Although mostly populated by jewelry stores, spas, and furriers, there are some good low key places too. And for dinner you can walk over to the Cherry Cricket for a burger!.

    Take care – james…

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