National Underwear Day

Did you know that a company called Freshpair sells a pair of underwear with an iPod holder?   Brilliant!  I think it’s a fun item.  And I’m not being sarcastic.  Perfect for these hot sticky days when you just want to laze around in your tighty whities.  Or maybe share an earbud while cuddling in front of the fire with your sweetheart.  Anyway this company sells some cool and sexy gear – and for a gift I recently ordered a pair of iPod underwear.  

Along with my order came a flyer encouraging me to celebrate this year’s 5th annual “National Underwear Day” on August 7th.  Of course the hot models adorning the flyer caused me to give it a second glance.  From

Founded in August 2003, National Underwear Day is an event that evokes the care-free attitude of Sixties ‘happenings’, when free spirits took control of public spaces as venues for their art, their message. Our message at Freshpair is the belief that underwear deserves a lot more recognition than it gets. Americans spend more than $13 billion on intimate apparel each year and for that kind of money, we feel it is our duty to tell the world. With National Underwear Day, we’ve taken underwear out of the dresser drawer and into the streets – by sending twenty male and female models out clad only in our finest undergarments.

Now that’s unnecessarily verbose copy.  And come on’.   Is anyone really sold on “National Underwear Day?”  You can’t blame companies for developing new marketing concepts.  But a healthy cynic like myself sees “National Underwear Day” for exactly what it is:   An ad campaign.   I’m all for showing off hot models in underwear.  No complaints there.  But do you really need to elevate sexy clothing to something to that level of importance? 

In the heat of Manhattan summer, our underwear ambassadors wander through heavily-trafficked locales modeling some of today’s hottest brands for unsuspecting – yet pleasantly surprised – shoppers, tourists and die-hard New Yorkers who think they’ve ‘seen it all’…until now. More than just eye candy, our models conducted various surveys on undergarment choices and asked people to sign a petition which urges official recognition of this underwear-honoring day.

Official recognition?  Official by who?   The government? Hallmark?  Calendar makers?   Who and where exactly would you turn in a petition to nationalize underwear day?  If a hot model in underwear came up to you on the street and requested you fill out a petition would you do it?  Yeah I would too.  But I’ll bet the petitions make a beeline for the dumpster the second after their names are harvested into the marketing database.  If anyone at Freshpair would like to correct me I’m more than willing to listen – even better how about the guys pictured below come over to my house and explain it to me.

Despite the grandiose self promoting dumb campaign I like their selection and site.   They sell pajamas, swimwear, full figured mens and womens, and of course a huge selection of men’s supergay underwear and t-shirts.   Plus an iPod holder for your underwear?  Ingenious.

Check them out at

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