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Last week I attempted to hunt down err, well I don’t really know what it’s called.  I see guys around town with small satchels made of canvas and burlap.  You know, the kind worn by hipsters wearing metro tight jeans, shirts with patches, biking to a Bright Eyes concert.  They’re commonly known as a “murse”, or manpurse.   Or as Seinfield says, “A European Carry All!”

Being the gift buying procrastinator that I am didn’t grant me sufficient time to mull about Buffalo Exchange or other area consignment stores.  Fortunately a poster over on the “Your Choice” branch of Lonely Planet suggested Manhattan Portage.  Turns out they had exactly what I was looking for, and a plethora of other cool urban transport gear.

They carry a selection of backpacks, shoulder bags, “murses”, and laptop bags.  Not only are their styles unique, but their service is exception.  I called them up Friday to inquire about next day shipping, and after confirming it could be arranged my order was taken right over the phone, and I was guided to style and color suggestions for my recipient.  (Rather than being directed back to the web.)  Personal service like that deserves a plug.  Plus messenger and organizational stuff like that is just too sexy.

Their site is  And their retail store is at 258 Elizabeth Street, NYC.

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