Food not Lawns

Living in a townhome I don’t have much yard space, which I’m thankful for as I have enough household chores to do without mowing grass and trimming trees.   However should I acquire a lawn someday, or get off my butt in the spring and stake out a plot at one of Denver’s many wonderful community gardens, then H.C. Flores “Food not Lawns” will be one of my reads.

Given the photo on the cover you can bet that this book gets quite preachy about the subject of consumption and land use – and while I probably agree with almost all of Flores points, harping on the same “our cities are miserable” to the choir gets a bit overdone. 

For the record I may not be a gardener but my neighborhood IS the wonderfully close knit community that new urbanist and environmental authers pine for.   I’d love to learn how to garden, but I don’t see myself uprooting the hot tub and jackhammering my patio anytime soon.

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