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I saw Eric Durchholz’s promo on the Gawker artists list.  Durchholz is a Nashville artist who primarily works in photography and 3D images.  His upcoming show “gameboys” gives homage to the overlooked segment of gamers:  gay guys.

For Durchholz, gaming is sexy. He considers himself a hardcore gamer. “I don’t watch much television, nor do I read many books. I do play a lot of games and most of my gay friends play games and I wanted to reflect some of that culture into my work. Most people are shocked to hear that gay guys play games. In my world, gaming and gay go hand in hand and I realize that not everyone sees that way. Hopefully this exhibit can help change the perception that just straight teenage males play games and some games with specifically gay content will start to be developed.”

Durchholz has published a full coffee table book titled 3dboys, and also heads up Concrete7, a small group of Nashville artists who, as explained on their site, “make cool stuff.”

Gameboys shows for two weeks beginning October 2nd at Tribe Nashville,  1517 Church Street, Nashville.

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