I’d hate to be living a life where I actually found myself climbing into this futuristic little pod on a regular basis.  But everyone has benefited from a 20 minute nap at one point, and there’s no better “away from the bed” method than this.

Christopher Lindholst and Arshad Chowdhury opened up “Metronaps” in New York’s Empire State Building to the delight of groggy commuters around the area.   Their 42nd floor station has several of these “nap pods,” with a built in alarm clock, mints, and hot towel when you awake.   

Each 20 minute nap is $14.  The Metronap “napologists” (ok I just made that up)  have assured us that a 20 minute nap is beneficial, but personally I prefer a nap of about 30-35 minutes to feel fully refreshed. 

From a travel angle an excellent use of Metronaps would be for the visitor arriving New York in the morning after a fidgety red eye flight from the west coast.   Why not?  See the view from the Empire State Building, then recharge for an evening out.   JetBlue flies Denver – N.Y. at 12am, which saves time by not eating up an entire day of flying, but any flight like that is bound to leave your head in a fog the first day.   I’d definitely use Metronaps on that schedule.

More about Metronaps at this Healthy Living NYC article

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