Monterrey Forum 2007

The Monterrey Forum 2007 is an 80 day series of events being held in Monterrey, Mexico through December 8th. The events consist of lectures, concerts, art, and exhibits. Spanning a wide range of varied topics, the overall theme is living and sustainability via the discussion of education, science, human rights, politics, culture, and spirituality.

Not being a beach resort, the cosmopolitan metropolis of Monterrey and capital of Nuevo León is often overlooked by many travelers. However Monterrey is located only about 250 miles from San Antonio in northeast Mexico. It was ranked as the safest Latin American city in 2005, and one of the two safest in 2006. Monterrey is an extremely modern and progressive city, and well educated being home to the University of Monterrey and the Autonomous University of Nuevo León. It’s a hub of art, culture, and music – and also home to one of my favorite bands, Kinky.

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In a period of accelerated globalization that is permeated by multi-culturalism and diversity, the Universal Forum of Cultures Monterrey 2007 promotes interaction, encounter, and dialogue to foster understanding and participation.

The Dialogues program endeavors to: Achieve an exchange of values, emotions, and contents to encourage mutual acceptance with dignity and respect towards one another. Utilize the spoken word as a tool to listen more profoundly to the conversations of our fellow human beings. Promote dialogue as a vehicle for generating meaningful learning experiences.

Exhibitions: Inspired by the objects, these exhibitions will encourage multi-sensorial and dynamic learning by creating an interaction between the graphics, audiovisuals and atmospheres, transforming each space. This will increase each object’s potential as well as its communication properties and meanings, emphasizing and accentuating the main subjects of the Universal forum of Cultures Monterrey 2007.

Culture: A celebration of diversity: the music, words, language, traditions, beliefs, food and the obvious expression of humans.

This article from the Brownsville Herald describes more of the exhibits and events including ancient Egyptian artifacts, and the work of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Lots of art. One city.

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