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There’s a few┬áreason Nicole Torres has 100 times more friends on mySpace than me. One, she actually logs in at least once a month, and two, she’s one of the top young female artists around. And a wonderful down to earth person as I can attest to.

Her style as a songstress has been compared to Ani Difranco and Fiona Apple, but with a mix of spoken word and light rap. Her latest album from 2007 is titled “Out of Harm’s Way.” I personally love her juxtaposition of steady toe tapping grooves (such as “Soul Survivors”) but with sudden bursts of soulful rock as demonstrated in the song “Impulsive.” Mellow, ambient chill music like “Synopsys” round out a truly unique style.

Her group “Nicole Torres & the Affiliates” will be performing at Herman’s Hideaway this Friday, then at the Lion’s Lair on January 11th. After her schedule takes her to Iowa for a few shows she’ll be back in Denver performing through February. Full schedule at

You can listen to all of her songs at After listening for yourself you’ll definitely want to plan a night out to hear her perform.

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  1. I’d never heard of Nicole Torres before I read this post. I checked out her site and her music and I like it! I don’t live in the Denver area anymore, but I have a bunch of friends who do; I sent the link to her site to everyone I know in Denver.

    Thanks for this post!

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