Mapping London

“Hey do like maps? Me too! Those are some great maps you have on your wall.” Sorry that’s an excerpt from an inside joke. Prompt me and I’ll explain.

Mapping London – Making Sense of the City is a 288 page hardcover featuring over 200 historical maps of the city of London. With detailed photos and writing the city’s changes are shown year by year and through generations, including historical events such as London’s great fire, the Plague, the two World Wars, and even future planning for the 2012 Olympics.

If you’re interested in cartography and history this is a must read.

From Black Dog Publishing:

The maps in this comprehensive survey are allowed to speak for themselves, revealing not only their political and social context, but also the dreams of their makers and the drama of their creation. The maps are often objects of great skill and beauty themselves, with the names of the greatest of their makers still revered today.

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