500 UAL Miles from Safeway

Hey look who doesn’t have any United aircraft in his photo library. I guess Ted will have to suffice…

If you’re a United Airlines Mileage Plus member and shop at Safeway and Vons – check out Safeway’s selection of “Eating Right” products.

Now through February 29th they are offering 500 miles with the purchase of 10 items of this brand. Although I don’t frequent Safeway that often, I am registered since every cumulative of $250 spent will net you 125 miles. It’s easy to sign up: Just enter your Safeway card number at the United.com Mileage Plus section.

And of course my initial thought: “So how much is the cheapest single yogurt cup?” I’ll find out on my next visit. Although the Safeway Eating Right FAQ does promote five frozen “entrees” for $10.

Don’t forget to save your receipts, as these take a few weeks to post. Thanks for the tip M.P.!

3 thoughts on “500 UAL Miles from Safeway

  1. Thanks for that too – I charge as much as possible on our UAL Visa. (Paying it off monthly of course.) If I could only charge the mortgage each month then I’d be on the fast track to a free Australia ticket…

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