News of Interest 020708

Microsoft now wants your health records.  According to Jon VanZile of Newsmax Microsoft HealthVault is shifting into high gear, and they ensure their program absolutely cannot be hacked.  Patients and doctors store all of their personal medical records at HealthVault, allowing easy access and transfer for both patients and medical offices.  Jon VanZile brings up the most obvious risk:  An ENORMOUS amount of sensative medical date located in one place.  N.Y. Times story.

I’ll abstain from sending them my personal info, but hopfully the software will operate better than this Denver light rail ticket kiosk. 

I think I’ll a segment called “Friday Fear Factor”  in which we feature an article specifically designed to frighten you as you go about your daily life.  Let’s start early by showcasing this MSNBC series on “bad bridges” around the U.S. This “Oh my god don’t leave the house,” group of articles includes a bridge tracker where you can map your route and avoid our rickety structures.   Freak out here.

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