Jeep Treo

This concept car has been around for a few years, and a friend of mine recently examined it up close at the Denver Auto Show.

The Jeep Treo, which means three in various languages, looks more like a Mars rover than a car to me. It’s described as an “urban-active” Jeep, meaning versatile enough to navigate tight city streets and parking spots, yet rough enough to take to the mountains and trailheads.  It’s powered by hydrogen fuel cells which power the wheels by electric motors. describes the interior as spacious and bright, even given the small size.

Hence it’s name the Treo seats three – the third being a single rear seat as the body tapers in towards the rear.  (If I’m sitting alone in the back seat I sit in the middle anyway to avoid staring at a seatback.)   Most unique characteristic to me?  Its integrated to carry two Jeep Rubicon bikes, pictured mounted below.  Nice marriage of car and bike.   Of course if I owned this car with the two bikes pictured it wouldn’t leave my line of sight for too long. 

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