Farming in the City

The Wall Street Journal visits some Colorado residents who are turning their yards into mini-farms.

My thumb is far from green and I can barely keep a cactus alive, but I can’t think of a more environmentally friendly way to use your yard and eliminate the costs of fertilizer and maintenance associated with keeping your lawn in golf course shape. Of course running a small farm takes another cost: Lots of time.

Among such challenges these urban farmers face are squirrels and mud trampled into the house (buy a roomba,) and also neighbors who would prefer to see green grass rather than dirt and radishes. The video doesn’t mention one major factor that could put the kibosh on these green thumbs: pesky HOAs, covenants, and their leaders who are bent on controlling every microscopic aspect of your community. However laws are being examined which would prohibit HOAs to restrict elements of “green” living – such as drying your clothes on a clothesline – and hopefully great ideas like this.

Screw keeping up with the Joneses. I’d love to see more of these!

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