Interstate 80

I haven’t driven this stretch in over 10 years when I moved to Denver from Michigan. Back then I would drive the full 1,200 miles straight through with numbing exhaustion setting right in around the most congested areas of Chicago and Indiana. Not one of my wiser moves in life.

Along with the Iowa 80 Truck Stop west of the Quad Cities, (pics forthcoming,) another interesting sight is this gigantic quarry southwest of Chicago just east of 294 North. Interstate 80 actually passed over and through it, and its dug out to what looks at least 200 feet deep on all sides. I’m not sure what they’re mining, but this Google map photo doesn’t do justice to the size. (It wasn’t a safe place to pop out for a photo.) It looks like one of those mines you see in South America when Modern Marvels is featuring the world’s largest trucks.

Among some memorable license plates are Michigan’s Child Abuse Prevention Plate which reads “Kids: Just Love ’em” I couldn’t find a picture but I always think – “Well yeah I should hope so…” And, this plate from Indiana.

I’m not sure if this plate speaks for the entire state, or is limited to the occupants of the car – but I guess it doesn’t matter since no foreign visitor has ever bother asked me whether “In God We Trust” on a quarter speaks for me or the entire country either.

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