Chevy HHR in Brief

My mom purchased this car last year. I’ve driven it a few times and each time am astounded at how small the windshield is.  Making this narrow slat of glass appear even smaller is the bubbling dashboard top, and the front part of the roof which tapers downward looking as though its stretching in vain to merge with the dashboard and completely cocoon you inside.

For comparison here is a photo of the Chevy HHR’s windshield along with the windshield of the space shuttle Discovery, which you’d expect have LESS visibility to the outside.

Photo from airlineworld.

One thought on “Chevy HHR in Brief

  1. I totally agree!! Although the cargo capacity may be big, the windshield is just unacceptably small. I was given an HHR as a rental in LA, and sometimes found myself extending my head forward over the dash just to see outside.

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