McDonald’s “Backyard Habitat” Update

Back in January I wrote about seeing an intriguing sign at the McDonald’s at 35th and Colorado.  It read: “Backyard Habitat – A Special Place for Wildlife,” and was staked into the filthy semicircular peninsula where drive-thru patrons idle and wait. 

Via The Google I found a 2003 article by David Holthouse which examined why exactly one would create a mini “wildlife preserve” in a fast food parking lot.

Last week I was zooming up Colorado to the airport again.  I glanced at the drive through and it appeared the sign was gone.  I can’t say for sure as I didn’t stop – so this may necessitate a follow-up to this follow-up, but I didn’t see that brown placard that’s always amused me.

This quote still makes me laugh though: 

“I don’t know why they put those signs there,” says Jorge, the restaurant’s day-shift manager. “There are no wild animals living in our parking lot.

Here’s the original 2003 Westword Article and my post.

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