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Happy Fourth of July.

Per MSNBC young people like fancy cars they can’t afford. This causes many of them to remain living with their parents as they choose a hefty car payment over rent. If you’re going to show off a nice car, which nets you attention and status, (whether deserved or not,) wouldn’t that all come crashing down once admitting you’re 25 and live with your parents? It reminds me of this Dallas based project called “The $30,000 Millionaires.

Apparently some bored teenagers drove up to a tiny upstate New York village called “Oniontown,” and via a YouTube video titled “Oniontown Adventures” made fun of the less than glamorous locals in hopes of make some sort of amateur reality “Deliverence” style project I guess. Upon their return trip this week a local youth pelted them and their car with rocks.  Sooo – as miserable as these three guys are for spending an entire day mocking those that don’t live in track home McMansions, and making a video of it, it turns out their analysis of the local populace was relatively spot on.  But then again I wouldn’t want some random jerks cruising up to my house making fun of it – and the peeling paint.  Note to self:  one of the many risks of taking pictures of everything I see.

This is a quite the random gathering of photographs, (everything from babies to business exteriors,) but the photography exhibit Bill Wood’s Business showcases life in Fort Worth, Texas from 1937 to 1970. Bill Wood’s was a photographer and took these photos for clients and business purposes rather than artistic. The documents gathered an appreciation over the years. Its being show at New York’s International Center of Photography.

This 1961 photo shows an old Montgomery Wards truck leaving a warehouse.

Update: I checked yesterday, and my signs are still up at the Home Depot sheds!

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