Enrique Peñalosa in Denver

Are you a fan of Enrique Peñalosa?  I am for this reason: He’s the former mayor of Bogota, Colombia who ramped up biking as a form of transportation in Colombia’s capitol city and transformed the city to give priority to people and bikes while reducing the massive congestion and pollution problems.

From his bio on People for Public Spaces:

During his tenure as mayor of Bogotá (1998-2001), Peñalosa led massive efforts related to transportation, land use and housing for the poor, pollution abatement, and the critical need for public spaces. In a city of 6.5 million inhabitants with no subway system, Peñalosa declared a virtual War on Cars, restricting traffic during peak hours to reduce rush hour traffic by 40 percent and convincing the City Council to increase the tax on gasoline. Half of the revenues generated by the increase were then poured into a bus system that currently serves 500,000 Bogotá residents daily.

He’ll speak in Denver as part of the city’s “Living Streets Initiative” on July 30, 7pm, at the Colfax Events Center at Colfax and Columbine.  (PDF Flyer here.)

More about the Denver Living Streets program at denvergov.org

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