Neighborhood Beautification

So most people ’round these parts know that small bungalows are on the endangered species list in many neighborhoods. I’ve posted about the shock of seeing a modest house taken down with a backhoe at 7am. Not a pretty sight. But the lots are worth more than the homes, so the issue becomes how to integrate the newly constructed home into the small lot and make it match the area. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t, with next door neighbors losing sunlight to overbearing four story boxes.

If this illegal sign gives any foreshadowing to what type of home will replace the small bungalow here then the future doesn’t look rosy for this block. I snapped this gargantuan “bandit” sign at 4th and Detroit Street. The median between the sidewalk and street is considered public right of way – making this sign illegal. Just like Street Spam.

Before anyone thinks that I’m the only one that gives a crap about nefariously placed signs, a few days later I saw two code enforcement jeeps parked a block away. And there’s actually a department for “Right Of Way Enforcement!” Cool! Unfortunately no one was manning them, so I’ll forward this post onto the Denver zoning department.

Or – anyone want to help me take it down? In the meantime I’ll try and think of a good Dennis Radar joke, but its Friday and I’m mentally exhausted.

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