Christmas Creep at Walgreens

The Consumerist often publishes photos and conversations with store managers who throw out Christmas and Holiday displays obscenely early. Their tag is titled “Christmas Creep.

Most agree that AFTER Thanksgiving should be the start of the CHRISTMAS season, but this idea has been lost on retail for a long, long time.

I spotted this wrapping paper at Walgreens, and although its on the unreachable top shelf and probably just overflow from the stock room, I definitely think it qualifies.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Creep at Walgreens

  1. I worked at Walgreen’s in the mid-90s, and a lot of Xmas merchandise was delivered during July and August, which is a slow time for retail in general. It makes a lot of sense from a logistics/distribution standpoint, but that does *not* justify putting this stuff out on the sales floor in August.

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