Cabin Fever . Poudre Canyon

The Cache La Poudre River’s headwaters are in North Central Colorado, and flow from the Rockies down into the northeastern plains of Colorado.  For those not from Colorado, or Normandy France, the word “Poudre” is French for powder.  The name is derived from the days when the French fur trappers of the early 1800s stored their gunpowder along the river.

Locals refer to it simply as “The Poudre.”  Reaching up from the narrow portions of the canyon where the road and river run side by side are tall rock walls for climbing, hiking trails reaching back into the wilderness, and rapids providing adventure for rafting outfits and kayakers.

Last week we attended a wedding at “Archer’s Poudre River Resort,” an event center about 40 miles west of Fort Collins along highway 14, which follows the Poudre and eventually makes it’s way to Walden.  Archer’s is located in a medium size valley, located a few blocks after emerging from the the most windy and rocky part of Highway 14.  Archer’s is a pleasant stop off if traveling through this part of the state or just a day trip from the city.  While they arrange on-site activities like horseback riding and candle making, their site also lists nearby activities like hiking trails and rafting companies, which makes it the Archer’s website an excellent resource if traveling in the area.

We stayed overnight a mile east of Archer’s at the The Glenn Echo Resort, a collection of cabins and campgrounds.  The property is split between cabins, campers and RVers staying for a limited time, and anchored trailer homes.  Such a mix makes it enjoyable for meeting fellow travelers, whether its a family with a small pop-top, some Harley riders spending the night, or the couple from Kansas City I chatted with living in the dreamy airstream pictured below.  The general store has sundries, laundry facilities, rents videos, and an adjacent restaurant serves up great chicken fried steak.

Some of the cabins are “rustic,” a nice way of saying they lack bathrooms; however a modern facility is located in the center of the grounds.  We stayed in one of the duplex cabins, which did have a bathroom plus two bedrooms and a large kitchen.    I absolutely love the older cabinets and wood paneling.   Although the fixtures and style are retro, the place is very well kept.  The shower had better water pressure than most motels I’ve stayed at.  And how can anyone go wrong with a colorful Brady Bunch coffee maker like this?  Forget Kitchenaid and their shiny stainless.  These appliances rock.

Seeing my phone flash “NO SERVICE” made me a little uneasy at first, but I was too busy celebrating and sharing cake and wine among friends to worry about it.  Just an FYI if you’re running your eBay business from the road, and to me to start treating my internet addiction.

Archers and Glenn Echo make a great escape for local Front Rangers and travelers alike – check out their digs and excellent hospitality!

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