Mama D’s . Hermosa Beach

Having lived in Los Angeles from the mid 90s to the early 2000s I’d like to say the oft said adage about all L.A. waiters and baristas pining to be actors and models is just a silly and sunny stereotype of the region.  But it is not.  In fact its absolutely 100% true in every single case. 

For dinner last Sunday we visited Mama D’s Italian Kitchen, in the heart of Hermosa Beach.   Hermosa has a real small town surfside community feel to it, not unlike San Clemente – another Southland favorite of mine.

If I was an industry scout looking for new faces I would definitely be requesting head shots from the entire staff of Mama D’s.  Not only are the servers and staff friendly extremely attractive with their angular shapes and Baywatch blond hair, but they have personality too!  I was chatted up by everyone like i was a regular there every other night and made to feel quite welcome.  Whatever is in the meatballs and pasta works, because the 20something guys and girls who maintain the wonderful vibe are just, well, just plain hot in every sense.  

We had eggplant parmesan, salmon pasta, and a large antipasta salad with plenty of olives, salami, and other cold cuts.  Mama D’s not only has the regular rotation of wines you would expect, but a selection of Italian beers for something different.

The original Mama D’s location is a few miles up the coast in Manhattan Beach, and this second smaller location opened early this year.  I agree with a couple reviews in stating it could be decorated to be a bit cozier and intimate, but as a gathering spot with friends near the beach its perfectly suited.

Here’s the local Yelp reviews .   They’re at 1031 Hermosa Ave, in Hermosa Beach.  And here’s a photo of a lifeguard shack for no apparent James Van Dellen

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