Battery Power MP3 Players

Remember those? MP3 players that rely on batteries and don’t charge via your USB?

CNET has a review of the top five AAA battery operated MP3 players. The scenario being you’re on a long hiking trip, trek, or wilderness somewhere inaccessible to an AC outlet – and want to continue enjoying your tunes without worry of powered recharges.

However as soon as I read this one gadget came to mind: USB Solar chargers. A solar charger can easily mitigate this problem. Not much larger than a few packs of batteries, and lighter too. I have the Solaris charger. Its a little clamshell device with three fold out panels and charges up your iPod or other USB device.

Granted you’re probably active during the day and don’t want to waste time watching your gear slowly soak up the sun, but they do work. I’ve placed mine in a hotel room window during the morning, and have taken it camping and watched it recharge my iPod.  Another option is the larger Soldius 1 Solar Charger.

Certainly a bit slower, but a green and battery-free option.

2 thoughts on “Battery Power MP3 Players

  1. Finding an MP3 player that DID NOT have internal batteries was a top priority on my list. I travel extensively at odd hours. I carry a couple of spare rechargeable batteries for my RCA player. It has paid of several times over. I prefer the flexibility of being able to pop in a new battery, rather than search for a opportunity to recharge.


  2. Thanks for the note. I do still buy lithium ions for certain things, but its nice to have one less gadget reliant on them.

    Also nice cycling blog too – I’ll check back and visit.


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