Someone sent me this number and told me to dial it.  I did, and have been calling it every morning for a week.  Googling the number led to this post at Challenged Confessions, answering my curiousity: Its the daily recorded menu of the Schumpert Hospital Cafeteria in Shreveport, Lousiana. 

In addition to great sounding southern food and a listing of the “Inspiration Station” salad bar rotation, the person recording, (perhaps the chef,) also gives an uplifting aphorism or Bible verse.

How does grilled tilapia with almonds sound?  Or red beans and sausage – maybe southern fried chicken…  Call this number anytime you’re desiring a taste of the south. If anyone is in Shreveport please go visit this place for me.

I made an MP3 of today’s menu:


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