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In addition to a great dinner at The Melting Pot Tuesday, I also scored some tickets to Madonna’s “Sticky and Sweet” tour, making Tuesday the most eventful Tuesday in quite a long time.

In my rush to get from Littleton to my house in Congress Park, then down to the Pepsi Center, I forget to grab my good camera. I didn’t think about it until I saw hundreds of other folks around me with THEIR good cameras taking photos and videos, while I was stuck with only my cell phone. I guess with the proliferation of small camera devices the authorities at concerts have given up trying to regulate who takes pictures of what.  My photos aside, I checked and there are Madonna photos on the internet. including some of the Denver show at the Post and Rocky Mountain News. I’ll share mine anyway.

The show was great, even though I don’t know most of the new stuff. What I loved as much if not more than the performance was the interaction of technology and visual imagery. Its the same reason I like Peter Gabriel’s live stuff, and Cirque du Soleil. They’re all completely different artistic styles, but engage the eye and mind as well as the ear. Several incredibly sharp (HD I assume) four to six story video walls created the rear of the stage, and layers of video walls in FRONT of those made the performers able to step in, out, and around imaginary props like subway cars and chess pieces. It also enabled for stunning animations during and in between sets.

Even if you don’t care for Madonna, her long time backup singer Niki Harris has an angel like voice, and it was a treat to hear her in person doing her angelic like harmony. An ensemble of instrumentalists did an extended Gaelic sounding version of La Isla Bonita, adding to the wide array of styles among the four distinct sets.

Speaking of shoddy handheld footage, here’s a video of the La Isla Bonita set. Its pretty cool.

Here are the other three photos.

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