Cateye Has Impressive Customer Service

Like any responsible urban cyclist I have a front and rear light affixed to my ride.  Both are from Cateye, which manufactures a wide range of lights in addition to biking accessories like odometers, trainers, and clothing.

Last week the plastic top part of this bracket broke off.   The bracket attaches the light to your handlebars and allows you to snap the light on and off  – so you can take it with when parking your bike.

I found the part number and emailed:   “This broke, could you please send another one?”   I saw their office was in Japan, and figured I’d never get a response.   I was annoyed at the thought of spending $25 on another light, but then found I could order the replacement for under $5 with shipping.

I did just that, but was surprised an hour later when Jeff from Boulder emailed me back saying he had just sent out my part, no charge.  Turns out their North America office is here in Colorado.

I thanked him and explained I had just paid for one online too.  When the both arrived a few days later I sent the extra one back and he promptly credited my card.

I can be cynical but it’s good to remember that not every  goes unanswered.  In this case a quick answer and resolution impressed me, and I’ll remember the company and brand when outfitting my next bike.   Not a bad ROI for $4.17.

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