Girl Scout Cookie Review

It’s Girl Scout Cookie time! 

That’s the time of year when you attempt to slink in and out of Safeway from the side next to the firewood and propane tanks, or the back delivery door if it’s ajar.

Reason being of course in order to avoid the card table positioned directly in front of the door- undoubtedly attended by two to three young ladies screaming “GIRL SCOUT COOKIES” at the top of their lungs.

My office however does not have an escape hatch, and since some really cute kids somehow managed to infiltrate our building our office is now stocked with cookies a plenty.  On a positive note however:  Now when I tell the girls at Safeway “I already bought some,” they won’t call me out on it – like when I tell them that after thinking for three seconds and say it with my voice trailing upwards.

Martyrdom aside I really enjoy these cookies and a few bucks a box isn’t a huge drain for a great cause.    So here are the cookies I’ve scarfed down this week – and my ratings, starting with the best.

1.  Samoas:  Some sort of conocut with a gooey caramel inside, with a chocolate base.

2. Lemonades:  First time I’ve had these.  They look like something out of a dollar store basement but taste FAR better.  Perfect consistency of dry cracker and filling. I ate a whole tube of yesterday.

3 and 4.  Tie between Thin Mints and Dulce de Leche.   Thin Mints are great, but after about seven they get a little heavy on the gut.   This is the first time I’ve tried Dulce de Leche.  They’re crackery with just the right amount of sweetness, and if you have a box at your desk you’ll be cramming them down non-stop.

5.  Chocolate Chip.   These are sugar free, and not appealing to me at all.  And as a diabetic I’ve sampled many sugar free cookies.  They’re too dry, and as sugar free somehow still manage to pack in 22 grams of carbs per three cookies.   The package says “made with REAL chocolate chips”  I should hope so.

I have not eaten the Peanut Butter Patties or Shortbread.  But I love Lorna Dunes so I’m sure the shortbreads and I would get along just fine…

Thank you Girl Scouts for making my day at work cookie filled and happy.  I have little self control – so keep those Lemonades coming you enablers.  It’ll be a sad day when these run out and I’ll be forced to return to my basket of bananas, apples, raisins, and tuna fish.

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