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First something off-topic:   Do any Denver old timers miss the White Spot at 8th and Broadway?   I was thinking about that place for some reason yesterday.  I love Barricuda’s as my regular hangout, but really do miss the White Spot from back in the day when I lived at 9th and Sherman.  I found this group on devoted to memories of the White Spot.  I really wish I had a time machine sometimes…

When it comes to sit down, carpeted, lobsters in the tank top-notch Chinese dining my Denver choice is The Imperial, at Broadway and Alameda.  I’ve been visiting for a few years now and find it consistently appealing –  at least based on the four dishes I always rotate through.  Even though I only visit once a quarter or so, owner Johnny Hsu always recognizes me and treats me like a high roller. 

Twin Dragon is now my alternative during work hours, being located nearby on South Broadway in old downtown Englewood.  My two co-workers and I visited a few weeks back for lunch.  Tucked into a low rectangular building, the change of atmosphere from busy bright South Broadway makes for a mellow start to your meal.  While not the height of modern decor like Imperial it’s welcoming and relaxing, and I give it high marks for Fung Shei.

Our server, a friendly middle age lady who seemed to be the manager, provided non-stop service and was incredibly enthused about getting us through the corses of our meal.  She was practically sprinting our appetizers and plates to our table from the kitchen.  She probably thought we were on a standard one hour lunch.  We didn’t tell her that the three of us work in advertising – and since nobody has money to BUY advertising, plus it being January, we had no pressing obligation to return to the office.

Our eggrolls were standard, nothing outstanding, but I found the main lunch courses far better than expected.   I had the cashew chicken – and we shared that and the sesame chicken and black pepper beef between all of us.  Our lunch was prepared drier than most Chinese food – a good thing which I prefer actually, and between dessert of mint ice cream, our hot tea, and the laid back ambiance, it made for a pleasant lunch experience.

Check ’em out when your’re skipping through downtown Englewood.   The owners also run the Twin Dragon Trading Company, located next door to the restaurant.   Throughout the cluttered store are collectibles, furniture, and home decor all imported from the Far East.  We sauntered over after lunch but didn’t stay long as the three of us were concerned with knocking stuff over and having to pay for it.

Yelp rates the 3 out of 5.  Lunch menu is very reasonable, starting at $7.  They’re at 3021 South Broadway at Dartmouth.  Ample parking on Broadway and behind the building.

by James Van Dellen

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