Wyman’s #5 . Denver

My cousin was passing through Denver last week and chilled with us for a few days.   We were walking back from somewhere and passed Wyman’s #5.  With their etched window and neon “Chicago Style Pizza” sign he commented on what a nice neighborhood pub it appeared to be.   I said I live within a pebble’s throw of the joint yet have only been in once.  (Barricuda’s being my official spot and all.)

So my friend, cousin, and myself ended up doing pizza and beer here Sunday night.  I don’t remember it being that large inside, but again I haven’t been inside in like two years.  Wyman’s #5 is at 13th Avenue and Vine.   Wyman is the official name of the historical district, which serves to preserve and protect the many elegant mansions near Cheesman Park.   The number “5” drives from Wyman’s being the fifth bar the owners, “Little Pub Company,” invested in.

Turns out Little Pub Company owns several small restaurant/bars around town, including the famed Don’s Tavern on 6th. The intent was NOT to make any chanes in its long history, which thus far has served it its favor.  I didn’t realize how many other small establishments Little Pub Co owned.  Most are within an eight or so mile radius of downtown, and include the Irish Hound, just off 6th Avenue north of Cherry Creek.  From perusing their site they seem to have a great business model and strong community roots, which is probably why their neighborhood establishments do well while large chains rise and fall like tsunami waves.

The three of us shared a spinach and veggie pizza (I know, not very Chicago-ish,) and did a few rounds of beers on tap.  I’d like to provide a better food review, but one large pizza was more than enough for three, and we were busy drinking and talking to sample more.  And what more do you need before a Monday morning?  Follow up is on my to-do list however.

Yelp’s reviews are overall positive.  The only reoccurring complaint is that service is a bit slow, which I’d have to agree with as we had to hit up the bar a few times.   (But once flagged down the service was fine – and of course nobody got surly even after we drank four beers each.)

So cheers to them – I’ll attempt to frequent Wyman’s more.   If you visit during summer nights be forewarned you’ll have to fight through the line at Lik’s Ice Cream next door.

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