Capitol Hill Wine and Spirits

I was puttering about the Cherry Creek Safeway and ran into Katina, who owns the liquor store at 9th and Corona. I wasn’t following her around or anything but I think I spotted her buying limes to resell at her counter.

When I lived in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood I’d stop in here frequently, and while now living in Congress Park, (near two closer stores,) I still try and visit when near that corner. Katina is a nice lady of Greek origin and she’s been a friendly face for years. She has a razor sharp accent, always chats with and acknowledges her customers and always willing to share her opinion.  She made me laugh one time as she answered a phone call while ringing me up. Unable to understand the caller she curtly told them just that, ended the call, turned to me while completing the transaction and in her heavy accent explained to me that learning English was the first task she took on when moving to the U.S.

At Safeway I asked her how business has been and she nodded and simply said “it’s slow.” Nothing more need be said. If you’re in the neighborhood at 9th and Corona go visit her and support your local retailer. Remember, it’s hip to be frugal now, so a case of Fat Tire and a Scrabble tournament in your den is the cool thing to do.

It’s also located across from the Denver Real Estate Group – where I’m sure David and Simon have some great deals on property.  If you’re thinking of a nice craftsman or bungalow with a big front porch in addition to your bottle of of Pinot Grigio this is the corner to visit.

I’m sure you can get hot deal on both.

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