Jonas Brothers (Furs)

The Jonas Brothers crooned out some songs last night here in Denver. Today’s Post has a comprehensive write up of the event. I was not in attendance, but I did see the Jonas Brothers do the Pepsi Center on South Park.

A few weeks back I was driving down Broadway late at night and noticed that the “Jonas Bros Furs” sign at 1037 Broadway was only partially lit. The words “Bros Furs,” were lit, leaving “Jonas” in the dark.

My guess is that this is intentional. The building is home to Bar Standard and Mo’s, two of the area clubs owned by Regas Christou. Perhaps the crew decided to distance themselves from their world renown counterparts for a while, or didn’t care for the Joe Bros to be entering the minds of adult clubgoers set to spend their night drinking and dancing. (And losing their promise rings.)

According to Directory of State Registers the Jonas Brothers Furs building was constructed in 1923. The Denver Jonas Brothers, led by eldest Coloman Jonas, started their business as taxidermists but converted to furriers during the 40s in keeping with consumer trends. As a taxidermist Coloman Jonas also assisted the Denver Museum on the wildlife displays – some of which I believe are still there.

Illuminated signs soon began to fade away due to regulations and a shift away from rooftop ads. This one survived, and remains a unique sight along Broadway. Hopefully after the other Jonas Brother’s popularity fades down a notch or two the full sign will once again glow in full above the street.

I took this photo last week, when I stopped by Mo’s in the evening to meet some friends. The complex of clubs was mostly empty save for a few people cleaning and prepping bar stations for the night. With a friend I rode the normally locked elevator up to the rooftop. The door opened to an unused rooftop patio. I skirted over the half wall and below the sign to grab this shot. Unfortunately I didn’t have my decent camera. Lesson learned – you never know when opportunity hands you a chance rooftop photo op.

Further reading: the site – devoted to stories and photos of Denver’s past, has a story article by M Thornton, who worked at Jonas Brothers as taxidermist apprentice in 1974. Definitely worth a read.

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