Mystery Meat . Guess This Place

Have you ever been sitting on a flight reading, take a break and look up and notice almost EVERYONE is buried in Sudoku? I don’t understand it either. My friend Lou, who I flew to South America with, offered to show me how to play. I said “sure,” and then zoned out after 30 seconds. Five minutes later he nudged me and said, “So you want to try one?” — leaving me to respond, “Oh no no that’s ok — I’ll buy the beginners book at the next airport…”

Here’s a fun contest that’s even more of a puzzler: I’ll provide some photos and clues, and readers can guess the establishment.

I visited a neighborhood family Mexican restaurant over the weekend. More than a restaurant, it was a real community gathering spot. Pollo por la parilla – nothing smothered in heavy cheddar cheese. Diverse crowd with yuppie couples, latinos, guys and girls all enjoying lunch on this sunny day.

I first noticed it a few months back en route to a night spot, and made it a point to stop in next time I was in this city.

Below are the clues, so you can tell me the restaurant. Even if you don’t know the name, if it’s somewhere you’ve been or seen and know the correct location (cross streets,) then you win.

Here we go:

-This mexican restaurant is on the corner of a major street in a large city in the southwest part of the U.S.

-It’s mostly outdoors.

-It’s in an up and coming area, and the area is known as a very hip spot. (Hopefully they won’t sell their parking lot to a Starbucks.)

-My meal was three pieces of grilled chicken, rice, black beans and a tortillas for $6.95. Wow.

-They’re open 24 hours and have a big night crowd serving smothered burritos to bar flies and club goers.

-There’s a small carousel for the kids, like big stores have up front for the kids.

-There’s parking, something very hard to find in this area.

-A swap meet is located in a house and yard across the street.

-Sheryl Crow may have seen a sunrise here, but you won’t find Ben and Jerry across the street.

-The Burritos are BIG.

Good luck. I’ve covered up the signage, street sign and and license plates – so no cheating.

Oh the prize? I have a $25 gift certificate to Max Gill and Grill, or Imperial Chinese – both fine Denver establishments. Winner gets to choose, and if you’re from out of town you’ll have to come visit.

Buena Suerte.

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4 thoughts on “Mystery Meat . Guess This Place

  1. I have a guess, but it’s based solely on the Sheryl Crow hint and a couple of minutes on google, as opposed to having personally driven by there. So, I’m not sure if the googling is cheating?

  2. Hi Beatrice – please by all means guess. That means you are geographically knowledgable enough to guess my clues!

    I constantly use Google Maps and Earth to armchair travel -so why not!

  3. You are correct “El Gran Burrito” in Silver Lake, at the corner of Santa Monica and Vermont.

    I’m glad my “armchair traveler” clues weren’t too obscure.

    Here’s another review from “The Great Taco Hunt,” a local L.A. blog.

    Thanks as always for being a regular visitor. Email me your address and I will send a gift card to Max Gill and Grill in Denver. (Or Imperial Chinese, your choice.)

    I visit Max Gill and Grill often but have never written about them – so would love to read a new opinion.

    All the best – James…

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