Receipt Madness

Last fall the Wall Street Journal did a piece on how much crap is included on retailer receipts. I nodded in agreement having noticed this well before. Read: Tale of the Tape: Retailers Take Receipts to Great Lengths. Their examples include a foot long receipt for a pack of gum purchased at a convenience store, and includes a dissection of a python long CVS Pharmacy slip.

I haven’t thought of this until a few weeks ago when some Saturday errands netted me with this mess.

The most insanely long receipt was at Sears. I purchased two pair of business casual pants and wound up with this below. The strip on the far left is everything I would need on a receipt – the itemized list, total cost and method of payment.  The rest is just surveys, coupons and other crap.

This is absolutely insane, and a complete waste of paper. One COULD separate what they truly need, like I did here, and hand the useless part back to the clerk or store manager – but often their directives come from corporate, and you’d be wasting the cashier’s time unless every single person explained this.

After Sears I went to Safeway, where the promotional crap is almost the equal to the real and necessary receipt.

My King Soopers slip from yesterday prints the store address twice for some reason, and tallies up the fuel points even though this store doesn’t have a gas station.  Again the promotional, survey and contest stuff is longer than the receipt itself.  I can understand the benefit of a future coupon, but does ANYONE fill out these surveys?

That’s not my real date of birth by the way.  The checker must of thought I appeared five years older when he keyed in a random date.

One thought on “Receipt Madness

  1. I just love the cashiers that are incapable of adding up the total number of an individual item and entering said number into the cash register/computer. I was in Lowes the other day and purchased two unopened cases of plumbing fittings, the person (I honestly don’t think she was a “trained” cashier) checking me out insisted on opening the cases and scanning each individual item. I ended up with a receipt over 6′ long!

    I brought it to the attention of the manager, that it was A) a waste of paper and B) a waste of time. Her comment was; it is up to the individual person as to how they ring up items, but they don’t encourage them to count the number of items and enter it due to errors…so now I understand, we have dumbed down the process to the lowest common denominator!


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