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I was relaxing at home with a bottle of Pinot catching up on some episodes of “Mayday: Air Crash Disasters” when my friend called and asked if I’d like to check out a club in Lodo. I answered “of course not, unless it’s Beta” but he said a hidden basement spot was now marketing itself as a gay oriented establishment.

I put the analysis of United 811 on hold and got dressed. I already knew the ending, but I enjoy this show because it explores what would seem random chains of events and decisions  that lead up to these riveting catastrophes.

20 minutes later we were spelunking our way into Below, on Larimer Square.  First impressions: to access Below you don’t actually have to dodge angry beer soaked jocks, because the entrance is actually in the alley between Larimer and Lawrence. After some wandering we descended down the one lone staircase, walked through a long hall passing by doors leading to kitchens and storage rooms before finally walking in. I liked it.   Very cool space to relax and talk, a small dance floor and a quieter room behind the bar with giant white eighties style sofas.

It reminded me of small bars and clubs in Prague – located behind random hard to find doors you can only find after walking around the block three times. Unlike Prague, where Stereo MCs was overplayed everywhere my last visit, Below hosts DJ Rockstar Aaron on Thursdays who was happy to take, (and play,) some requests.  The crowed was light but picked up after midnight.  It was more than I expected for being open less than a month.

According to Westword Below first opened in 2008, attracting an industrial crowd with its medieval decor. Now the owner, Bill Ward, is marketing Below as an alternative club in Larimer Square.  Denver’s gay community isn’t lacking in places to meet up for cocktails and gossip, however outside of Tracks or Compound a decent DJ and dance floor is hard to find.  We’ll see if Below can fill that void.

The only negative is the parking, which by night doesn’t exist save for $20 a night lots.  However it’s summer – so I recommend finding a local B-Cycle station and ride there.

Check out Kathleen St. John’s Denver Post review for even more details…

Speaking of gossip:  United 811 occurred 15 years before this episode was made.   I have a really good hunch on what the two extremely attractive male and female flight attendants @:52 spent their settlement money on.  How about that pilot though – he’s like the Sully of 1988…

2 thoughts on “Club Below . Denver”

  1. Well, this night it wasn’t too busy my first time there, but my friend had four female coworkers (one a straight married couple) and it certainly didn’t raise eyebrows with the few other patrons.

    Given the atmosphere and club history I would say although it’s vying for the gay crowd it’s definitely a friendly and welcoming place for all.

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