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Last month upon exiting Cherry Creek Mall I saw a couple parking their tandem bike.   I complimented them on their ride after noticing that it wasn’t just any run of the mill tandem, but an extremely high end machine outfitted to the nines with accessories and custom gear.

This couple was visiting from Western Australia, and had traveled all the way to Denver to buy a bike from Da Vinci Designs, a local manufacturer of high end touring bikes.  This was the first I’ve heard of this local Denver company, and I was very impressed when seeing their work up close.  They showed me the hand made and welded seams, and while not a cycling engineer I could tell it was top notch work.

They were a pleasure to chat with – and told me after getting used to their bike and breaking it in they were off to tour the Czech Republic and central Europe.  Needless to say I was excited to hear about their adventure. They assured me they had not one but two extremely durable locks as well.

Meanwhile they were excited to learn there was a Target just blocks away. They also were wanting to find a pair of Crocs during their Denver stay, (I didn’t voice my opinion,) so I steered them towards the abandoned Crocs store at the airport.

I wished them a wonderful trip and I hope they’re having a fun and safe adventure.

Da Vinci Designs
2145 South Platte River Dr

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