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I took a visitor to Imperial Chinese a couple weeks back on a slow Monday night. When I tell people I’m “taking them out for Chinese” they usually picture a small take-out joint with brilliantly shiny linoleum floors and a few small round tables and hard back chairs to hunch over. Imperial Chinese is the complete opposite, with a lavish dining room and exquisite service and staff, making it a nice treat for a guest or out of towner.

I eat here often, as it’s is one of the finest Chinese restaurants in Denver, and still manages to offer reasonable prices. The owner, Johnny Hsu, even knows me by name. Surprisingly, of the thousands of photos I collect from everywhere I go and everything I do I don’t have a shot of the interior here. However take my word it’s a delightful place.

This time my friend and I split the Peking Duck. Over the years I’ve eaten almost everything here (save for the standard sweet and sour chicken) but never did the Peking Duck – mainly due the enormous proportions of ordering the one big duck for myself.

We decided to give the duck a try – splitting it with my usual appetizer of lettuce wraps. This made for a perfect dinner for two. The roast duck, crispy brown skin and plum sauce were perfect, and all this time I never had the fun of tucking the duck breasts into these little flaky pancakes with the sweet sauce. Definitely a treat I wish I had tried much sooner.

Given the quality of their other plates I have no qualms about recommending this as one of the best Chinese places in Denver. (Ming’s Dynasty over in Glendale is nice, but I do consider this a step up.)

They’re at 431 South Broadway at Alameda, next to the Taco Bell. The two share a parking lot, so you can prank your date by pulling in and nonchalantly stating you’re in the mood for a flattened cheesy bean enchilada.

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