@Rest for iPad

This is the complete opposite of the travel related products and mobile gear I enjoy reviewing. But I had an excellent experience with this company and love their line of unique and locally made products. (Local as in the US.)

I do not own an iPad, and have no desire to obtain one. My beatup MacBook serves me fine on the go – and I prefer a full computer to work remotely and move my and edit my photos.

My friend, a college student, received an iPad for his birthday. Of course every iPad owner should have a good stand to facilitate easy viewing, and of course show off Apple’s best toy next to the PC, on the end table, or in the kitchen if you’re using your iPad as a futuristic recipe card and cooking guide. (Epcot never predicted that.)

After some hunting I found the site of Heckler Designers, maker of the @Rest. This stand is a heavy duty solid steel one piece design, for use in portrait or landscape. It’s primarily designed for static use at home or office, and is offered in four colors including crisp bright red.

It sells for a very reasonable price of $59 which includes shipping. (Even the sale is simple.) Adding to the good design is great communication: After ordering I sent them an email asking if it could be sent next day, since I wanted it to arrive on the same day as my friend’s birthday. They happily did so, and I paid the additional shipping via Paypal after it was sent out.

Heckler Designs is run by Dean Heckler our of Phoenix, and also makes the “One Less” line of minimal office furniture.


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