Saturday Rally

I biked down to the library last Saturday morning, thinking they opened at noon. After I pushed through the throng of “residence challenged” folks milling by the door I was informed by the guard they now open at 1pm.

I was certain it used to be noon, and thought at rate they’ll soon be open from 3- 3:15pm. At least they are no longer closed on Wednesdays.

I planned to amble around downtown and grab a coffee, but I saw a crowd across the street at the State Capitol building so I figured I see who was protesting what today. When I saw the all the bikes and dogs I had a hunch it wasn’t anything too right wing extreme, and I was right – it was actually a pro-labor pro-rally in support of the Wisconsin demonstrations.

I did see about six tea party folks, dressed up in the colonial garb and waving a big 13 star flag, but didn’t see any heated arguments as described in this article.

After watching the speeches wrap up a couple friends spotted me and came up to chat. I knew them well enough to sheepishly admist I was just waiting for the library to open but by all means still supported the cause. Or at least can’t fathom how anyone can support pay cuts for teachers.

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